Angel Island – “The Saigon Eyes”

Angel Island is located in the Nhon Trach District, inside the province of Dong Nai, Vietnam. It is a unique private island located just to the east of Ho Chi Minh City. With a total area of 204.7 ha, it is the second largest island in close proximity to HCMC. Nhon Trach is considered as the “Rising star” of Vietnam.

Angel Island is unique thanks to it’s location, being an island, The Island is fully surrounded from all four sides by pure sweet water that has been graciously provided by mother nature. This unique one of a kind island is formed by 6 smaller Island coming together, forming a peninsula, it can also be called “Islands within the island”.

A unique Island with its own unique living lifestyle creating a special and exquisite living community that lives up to the living condition of the civilian on the Island.

Each island will contribute to Angel Island Dong Nai all the most luxurious facilities, vibrant experience, iconic architecture yet tranquility living and most exclusive itself the most desirable address and abundant holistic living paradise.

Angel Park

Angel park is the biggest landscape park in Saigon. The purpose of the Park is to find a perfect getaway to find peace, quiet and tranquility in the middle of a bustling city.

One Destination, Multiple Experiences

Multiple experience within one destination where people can play at the state of the art themepark, shop in a wide variety of brands, tUnique and exquisite wetland parks with vibrant event square, familiy gathering space with sport & leisure, a tourist destination with exclusive living.

Create an Eco Community of the future

Angel Island Vietnam is the one and only privatize Island with 4 sides completely surrounded by water and separated from the city via 30 minute drive by car .

  • Sustainable Planning – Premium products, High quality lifestyle
  • Integration with Nature – Variety of natural landscapes
  • Vibrant Living Communities
  • Renewable Energy : Solar & Wind
  • Leadership in Sustainability – Create an Eco Community of the future.
Angel Island Villa – Morden Asian

Master plan Belle Isle

Master plan Belle Isle


Shophouse Angel Island

Garden Villa

Garden Villa – Belle Isle

Grand Villa

Grand Villa – Belle Isle

Elite Villa

Elite Villa – Belle Isle
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